This section of the wiki will be used for discussing the 49 Critical Problems. Everyone in the class has been assigned their own 4 Critcal Problems. When we have those assignments WE WILL POST THESE ASSIGNMENTS HERE IN CASE YOU LOSE YOUR HOMEWORK. FIND THE Critical Problems THAT WERE ASSIGNED TO YOU UNDER THE DISCUSISON TAP IN THIS SECTION. Use the Discussion page to enter clarifications of the problems and ask questions of our peers regarding their comments.

You will learn how to add your clarifications during the first virtual class on Monday. If you have any questions please email or skype one of the course wiki management team:

Tom Flanagan SKYPE: SoCoD´╗┐esign

Gayle Underwood SKYPE: gunderwood22

General Directions for entering your clarifications:

Everyone will "own" their own small set of these problems. Your understanding with be THE understanding that the group will work with, so you will need to find an Internet site to help reinforce the undertsanding that you choose to present.

- Find the Critical Problems that were assigned to you.

- Copy the name (the label) of each problem and insert each individual name as a new POST in the DISCUSSION page. You will find the DISCUSSION page by clickning on 'Discission' tab at the top of this page.

- To Create a new POST , enter the name (the label) of the issue into the subject line at the tope of the DISCUSSION next to the "+ New Post" button.

- Provide an initial and very brief statement of what your issue "means" by typing or inserting text into the message box.

- Make sure you add at least two (2) website addresses which you have "discovered" while researching the issue. These websites can be pasted into your initial explaination of the meaning of the issue.

- VERY IMPORTANT. Click on the MONITOR box when you have added your comment and BEFORE you close the dialogue box. This way, you will get an email when someone adds a question to your comment. By doing this, you will not have to open and re-read the discussion threads to be sure that you are responsive to questions that you will be asked.

- Repeat the posting process for all of your assigned critical problems.